Minds for making it work

Collaborating in real-time and identifying roadblocks early, Cascodium leverages experience and knowledge to create electronics and firmware that meet your technical and commercial goals.

Cascodium is an exceptional team of talented engineers. Our professionals are always looking for innovative ways to solve our client’s specific design challenges — even if those challenges are as straightforward as meeting a product’s form-factor and cost

objectives. Cascodium’s staff thrives on the creative process needed to address each client’s unique, specific needs, and welcomes the ongoing learning and professional growth that is part of our culture.

I am more than appreciative. Cascodium remains a no-issue, no-worry interface.

Defense contractor

Cascodium is consistently impressive.

Materials processing company
[Cascodium has] consistently excelled in delivering complex technical solutions in a rapid manner and at a competitive cost and met every challenge we have sent their way.

Research & development organization

Although they have been a subcontractor on our programs, Cascodium has earned our respect and trust to such an extent that they are considered partners and embedded team members…

Research & development organization

Thanks, you saved us!

Medical products company

We were exceptionally pleased with their performance and execution on this effort.

Robotics company

You guys are like a secret weapon.

Venture-funded product company


With Cascodium, Point A to Point B never looked more clear. Our electronics development services span the product development cycle: concept development; system architecture and design; analysis and simulation; prototyping; performance verification and testing; and, if requested, assistance with transition to manufacturing. Our areas of expertise include advanced analog circuitry, power electronics, microcontrollers, DSPs, FPGAs, SoCs, and computer interfaces. In addition, Cascodium develops and implements firmware and software for signal processing, data processing, and control algorithms.

Cascodium’s clients benefit from system level design, integration, and test processes tailored to R&D and early stage product development, all with manufacturing and commercial success as an ultimate goal.