Trust the outcome

There’s always another way. And often, there’s a better one. If there is, Cascodium will find it. Together we optimize the path forward.

Cascodium is a commercial electrical engineering, firmware, and software development company that helps move your ideas and concepts out of the laboratory and into fielded prototypes, commercial products, and instrumentation solutions. Over two decades, Cascodium has completed hundreds of projects for industrial, consumer, and R&D clients ranging from start-ups to the Fortune 500. These design collaborations have resulted in over a billion dollars of product revenue for nearly 100 clients.

Today our staff includes graduates in electrical engineering, computer science, and physics, many with advanced degrees. Recently, Cascodium was named National Subcontractor of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).


After MIT and several years in industry, two electrical engineers formed Vtech Engineering Corporation in 1994 to provide innovative electronics design services. Our original offices were located in Acton, Massachusetts; we moved to a larger facility in Andover, Massachusetts, in 2000. Vtech’s initial work focused on electro-optic sensors. Our client base expanded to include a diverse range of application areas. New design activities broadened our experience with leading technologies and led to widespread incorporation of embedded processors and FPGAs into the system designs. In 2014, our twentieth year, our corporate name changed to Cascodium Inc.

Leadership Team