Paul Butler, Project Lead

Mr. Butler manages complex electronics development projects and specializes in the development of embedded firmware architectures including microcontrollers, FPGAs, DSPs, and SoCs. He is particularly adept with complex digital architectures composed of multiple devices and interfaces, and is proficient with the C programming language, VHDL, LabVIEW, and various assembly languages. He has extensive experience with multiple FPGA families, ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers from multiple manufacturers, fixed- and floating-point DSPs from Analog Devices and Texas Instruments, and several other processor families. Mr. Butler is also a significant contributor in Cascodium’s electronics miniaturization and packaging efforts, integrating chip-scale packages and high-density interconnect techniques on both rigid and flexible PCBs. Mr. Butler received his BA in Physics from Dartmouth College and has been with Cascodium since 2000.