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Project Description

ARC-2™ High Power Pulse Generator


The ARC-2™ pulse generators deliver controlled energy pulses through an external electrical gap in order to generate high power plasma events. These products excel in applications requiring compact, portable plasma generation. Single DC power requirements and high-efficiency pulse generation enable practical, battery-powered applications. Instrument settings such as the pulse energy level are controlled through an RS-232 serial data interface; internal instrument monitoring functions are reported over this same interface. Pulses are triggered from an external logic signal, or generated periodically from an internal source. Resettable trigger counts and accumulated energy values can be accessed from non-volatile memory registers to support operation and maintenance with expendable, external electrodes.

Safety and reliability have been emphasized in the design. Numerous built-in warning and error monitors can place an ARC-2™ unit into a safe mode of operation in which the onboard energy stores are rapidly and automatically discharged through internal pathways. Two separate interlock signals are required for operation: one keyed and one external to the unit. Additional information is available in the operational overview.

Key Features

Pulse Energy: up to 400 mJ
Pulse Rates: up to 20 / second
High Voltage Pulse Output: > 10 kV
Dimensions: 3″ x 4″ x 9″ (H x W x L)
Weight: < 7 pounds
Input Voltage: +12V
Serial Data Interface: RS-232
Trigger & Energy Accumulators: Lifetime & Interval
Safety Interlocks: 2 (1 Keyed & 1 Wired)
Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to +60°C
Environmental: Sand, dust, & moisture resistant

Available Models

Model Pulse Energy (Max) Pulse Rate (Max) Unit Price
ARC2-20C-R40A 0.4 Joules 20 pulses / second $21,700
ARC2-10C-R40A 0.4 Joules 10 pulses / second $17,800

For further information on ARC-2™ product offerings, including volume discount pricing, please send inquiries to arc2info@cascodium.com.

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